An emotional robot for autism sufferers

The fear of interacting with other adults that we see in autistic people is less pronounced with robots, so we used this technology to facilitate communication between sufferers and their families or caregivers. This reflection became the starting point for the Mwoo talking robot.

Pierre Rouhaud, Founder and President of Stimul’Activ

Stimul’Activ's innovative approach

The French start-up Stimul’Activ specializes in designing cognitive stimulation tools to help people with neurodegenerative disorders. In response to the observation that people with autism cannot always use a smartphone or tablet, Stimul’Activ has developed Mwoo, a baby-sized, baby-shaped robot, which can easily be held in the arms. It is the very first communication and sensory stimulation tool especially for people isolated by their disability. Remote-controlled via a tablet, Mwoo makes it possible to restore communication between caregivers or family and the autism sufferer.


invested in developing Mwoo


Mwoo robots already in service

Less than 1,000

euros each, at the solution’s launch

Stimul’Activ’s challenge: Priming the pump

With Mwoo, the start-up is offering a truly innovative solution to help autism sufferers and their families. The real challenge was marketing the product to organizations for people with autism, while keeping the sales price low to make it accessible to as many people as possible.

Mwoo will be tested at Cassepierre medical care home and in specialist care facilities, thanks to the support of the Orange Foundation. This connected robot will be used alongside innovative digital tools like tablets and educational apps, which we encourage because they support learning for people with autism and help them to interact with their families.

Alain André, HR Manager in charge of the social contract at Orange, President of Volontaires pour les personnes avec autisme, a volunteer association supporting people with autism


Together with the Fondation Chirac, the Orange Foundation is committed to supporting Stimul Activ’. This support is in the spirit of its commitment since 1991: to encourage digital innovation that improves the daily lives of people with autism.

This support has led to partnerships with institutions, which will test the solution with their patients. 22 Mwoo robots have already been produced for specialist facilities, such as the Limoges university hospital. The robot is made in France by people who have disabilities themselves.

Outlook: keep up the good work! 

Highly committed to helping patients with Alzheimer’s, Pierre Rouhaud, the creator of Mwoo, wants to adapt this solution to people with this disease. A first step towards expanding the range of products offered by Stimul’Activ, which hopes to make a useful solution to help patients with other conditions in their daily lives.

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