Sphere enhances and brings to life all your virtual reality projects.

With Sphere, you can create Interactive Virtual Reality projects using 360° photos and videos, as well as 3D modelling, without any programming!

Lozancic Nicolas, Digital Strategy

Speedernet's innovative approach

You import your 360° videos, photos or even 3D models and the visual editor does the rest, to make all your experiences interactive. Sphere is open to anyone since it does not require any lines of code. Bring any virtual reality project to life, from tours to training programs, gamified experiences and interactive documentaries. Are you ready for new sensations?

Sphere app challenges

The Sphere project must meet the challenges involved with its marketing, locally and for export markets in particular.


Establish our technological lead in the online virtual reality sector - this is where our solution stands out - and continue with our major strategic R&D work. This work is focused on developing the software, as well as connected devices linked to virtual reality (for olfaction for instance).