Animated creations one click away from your photos and videos

I was walking with friends in Cape Cod, and we took a whole bunch of pictures. I promised them that I’d make a slideshow and it took me hours. I thought there had to be a way to make this easier. And that's how Sharalike was born.

Aymeric Vigneras, Co-founder of Sharalike

Sharalike's innovative approach

Launched in February 2013 by two French entrepreneurs based in Cambridge in the United States, Sharalike is a website and mobile app that lets users make and share photo and video creations.

Sharalike uses leading-edge proprietary technology with a simple and intuitive interface to create SmartShows: when the app is opened, it automatically sorts through the most recent photos, selects the best ones and creates animated slideshows combining photos, videos and music. And thanks to its partnership with Facebook, the SmartShows you create are available natively in the news feed, for added interactivity.

1 million

iOS downloads

10 million

users to be reached in 2016

The Americas Prize

at the DigiWorld Summit 2015

Sharalike's challenge: optimizing the user experience

After a rapid start, Sharalike wanted to improve the user experience its service offered. Its aim was to simplify browsing and sharing photos on most devices (smartphones, tablets, desktop, connected TV, and so on). The main challenge was the fact that most users store their photos in different places. The Cloud meant all content could be centralized and made accessible from anywhere, and having already rolled out a remote hosting solution, Orange was the ideal partner.

When we encountered Sharalike, we immediately saw its compatibility with the Orange cloud. This partnership means we can meet new customer expectations: it gives Cloud users a simple and practical solution to view and share their photos. The benefits for Sharalike include widening its presence outside its traditional markets.

Patrice Anglard, Partnerships Manager for Orange Cloud


Selected for the fourth season of the Orange Fab France support program, Sharalike received support from the incubator in late 2015. Collaboration based on the user experience was successful when integrating the Orange Cloud API. You can now easily access your photos from any media, from anywhere, with simpler browsing.
Sharalike also benefited from Orange’s support in terms of promotion. During its launch phase on the French market, the start-up gained awareness and visibility across its various channels.

Outlook: on the way to 10 million!

Just a few weeks after the launch of the new version, over 500,000 photos had already been synced! The integration of the API was even more effective, since users syncing their Orange Cloud and Sharalike use the SmartShow feature five times more frequently.

Sharalike now intends to take advantage of Orange’s leading network and its international presence in order to reach new markets. In 2016, the start-up also hopes to raise $5 million and is setting its sights on achieving 10 million users.

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