A smartphone application that allows people with hearing or speaking difficulties to have telephone conversations and contact any fixed or mobile phone. The application transcribes voice to text and text to voice in real time.

Living with deafness is a true daily challenge. Particularly on the phone. It’s about time to change that. Given the progress in information and communications technology, there was no longer an excuse not to resolve this problem. We have to keep up with the times!

Jeannel Olivier, founder and CEO

RogerVoice's innovative approach

Thanks to its automatic, instantaneous and transcription system, the RogerVoice application transforms your calls into messages on your screen in real time. Don’t miss any more of your phone conversations! Respond by speaking or writing; the integrated speech synthesis function allows you to type your responses, and RogerVoice will then lend you its voice! Independence, opportunities and social inclusion: these are RogerVoice’s promises.


people in France cannot make a telephone call


The first telephone app for the deaf


FFTélécoms 2016

The challenge of RogerVoice

RogerVoice was launched on the market in B2C mode, which allows us to listen to our customers’ wishes and develop the flexibility required to adapt the product. After six months, we are now on the verge of implementing an improved version of the application based on client feedback. We think a B2B2C partner like Orange is important to take our business to the next level while remaining close to our customers.  

We have worked long and hard on innovations for the handicapped so that all our customers, no matter what their situation, can have easy access to services and products (“Design for Everyone”), simplified navigation, improved ergonometrics and, above all, a connection to society and family and friends to help meet daily needs: at Orange we have implemented a comprehensive system of appropriate and dedicated offers, and a network adapted to physical or remote distribution processes.

We regularly call on start-ups or specialized companies for specific or very specialized technologies in this area. One example is RogerVoice, which offers an ingenious solution based on voice to text and text to voice transcription. These offer an alternative to traditional solutions based on the services of caregivers.

In the present case, this open innovation strategy serves as a basis for strengthening our commitment under the draft Digital Republic law to aid deaf and hearing impaired persons now being debated by the government in France.

François-René Germain, Director of Group Accessibility


RogerVoice and Orange have initiated various courses of action:

Negotiations are underway to provide interconnection (IC) :

  • international call terminations (900 destinations).
  • Requirement identification stage, non standard (dedicated lines are not possible)

Commercial distribution (OF/IMT) :

  • a promotional offer in place for the first 4,000 or 5,000 customers, to be financed by the 2 parties
  • under review: an offer integrated into bundles, including at the IT systems level

Acceleration (Orange Fab France) :

  • contact established
  • opportunity to accelerate an offer integrated into our bundles

Investment (ODI)


In addition to making certain required improvements to the product and promoting its offer, to which Orange’s technical and sales expertise will bring added value, RogerVoice intends to extend its offer beyond France since handicaps know no boundaries and everyone needs to communicate.