PredicSis uses artificial intelligence algorithms that are the results of years of research and development to predict customer behavior.

Artificial Intelligence is going to profoundly revolutionize a number of economic sectors. The use of our algorithms in marketing and risk management already accounts for huge improvements in performance, which can be achieved with no prior expertise.

Jean Louis Fuccellaro, co-founder and CEO of PredicSis

PredicSis' innovative approach

With our Artificial Intelligence algorithms, you can use data analysis (Big Data) with PredicSis to predict the behavior of your customers in just a few clicks.

This enhances performance by between 30 and 300% in product placement, sales increases or customer retention applications.

60+ million

predictions per day

a 250%

increase in revenue in one year, from 2015 to 2016



PredicSis' challenge

The challenge is to dominate the United States’ market, in which the company already has its first customers.

Big Data is a bundle of technologies that are totally transforming businesses. Relying on a unique technological asset developed by Orange Labs, PredicSis is moving predictive analytics away from the preserve of statisticians and making it available for use by marketing teams. Orange is keen to help PredicSis expand in this strategically important and rapidly growing field.

Nicolas Demassieux, SVP Orange Labs Research


PredicSis is a technological spin-off from Orange. The original technology, which was the result of 10 years of R&D, was developed in Orange Labs’ research and development laboratories.

Orange Business Services has signed an agreement to distribute our solutions to address the full range of its customers’ issues.


PredicSis’ clientele already includes several major accounts, such as EDF Luminus, Orange France, Neopost, Webhelp and wants to expand even more quickly in Europe.

PredicSis was picked by Amazon as one of “4 start-ups to watch” at its annual conference in Las Vegas.