Software platform allowing machines to make sense of any sound

Initial idea emerged from needs of people with hearing loss. They wanted to be notified by their doorbell, alarms, all these meaningful sounds. Once we have released a first simple app for them, we started receiving requests from all over the planet for surveillance and industrial applications. This traction allowed us to implement the full system we had in mind within 18 Months, releasing last October the first deep-learning based sound recognition platform.

Sebastien Christian, Chief Executive Officer

OtoSense's innovative approach

OtoSense delivers a software platform turning sound into meaning. A single software for all applications from smart home to defense, learning and evolving constantly to deliver actionable meaning in real time. OtoSense software is added to surveillance systems in cities to detect screams, gunshots, sirens. It is used to diagnose anomalies in cars and complex machines, and to recognize alarms, barks, baby crying and many other sounds in your home.


Best app of the Year Mobile World Congress 2015


World Leader in Artificial Intlligence for sound recogniton


Growth in a Year

OtoSense's challenge

OtoSense has not benefited from Orange services. The common challenge OtoSense and Orange address is to succeed in helping Orange integrating OtoSense technology and be first in Europe to get this competitive advantage.

We’re working together in order to integrate the technology developed by Otosense and its added value in our offers…

Luc Bretones, SVP Technocentre


24 Months from now, OtoSense will be the standard for sound recognition, as nuance is for speech recognition. In 2017, we'll close 4 major partnerships, apply for 5 more patents, grow the team to 12 and close the Year with $1 Million revenues.