My Hospi Friends

My Hospi Friends is the first affinity social network for hospital patients.

At the end of 2011, due to a serious car accident, I was confined to bed for several months. Since I was far from my loved ones, I quickly felt isolated and alone all day long stuck in my hospital room. I am passionate about IT and it was during that time that I began to imagine and design the first social network for hospital patients. In April 2014, My Hospi Friends signed its first license with the Foch Hospital in Suresnes and deployed its social network in that facility. Since that time, some forty hospitals have adopted our solution and others will soon connect to the network.

Julien Artu, President

My Hospi Friends' innovative approach

Our goal is to use a recreational approach to help alleviate the unavoidable isolation a medium or long-term hospital stay entails, and thus improve patient morale. This new, original, and innovative social network offers several services:

  • a digital communications platform for hospitals
  • a geo-localized affinity social network for patients
  • an e-services hub (HospiConnect)

Via news pages, the network not only gives patients a new perspective, but they can also use it to connect with other patients and make new friends, virtually or in person, by sharing their passions. My Hospi Friends is also an innovative way for hospitals to communicate with their patients by means of its own profile. The interactive “HospiConnect” hub also allows patients to access a number of e-services with just one click (multimedia, entertainment, an enriched television program, an on-demand video library, music, games, an online store, concierge services, taxi reservations, etc.).


messages exchanged between patients


2014 innovation trophy - Salon Santé Autonomie


Connected hospitals

Bassita's challenge: increase the number of connected patients

To make patients aware of My Hospi Friends, hospitals primarily use traditional means of communication such as posters in the entrance hall and the hospital’s corridors and flyers placed in waiting rooms or patient files. However, to increase and vary the community of connected patients, we thought it important to find a technological solution to make the service known. This challenge will be met by Orange’s Beacon technology, which allows notifications to be sent to patients’ smartphones when they arrive at the hospital.

We are pleased to collaborate with My Hospi Friends, since we share the same goal of digitalizing hospitals. My Hospi Friends is a partner that illustrates our desire to support healthcare institutions during their digital transformation.

Faesch Alexandre, Open Innovation, Orange Healthcare


Orange Healthcare has created ties with My Hospi Friends from the start. The partnership has grown rapidly due to the technological complementarity that has helped My Hospi Friends interact with its customers.

Outlook: grow and satisfy the patient community

My Hospi Friends plans to consolidate its position in France and increase its market share in both public and private hospitals, clinics, and rehabilitation centers. The network is expected to be deployed in Europe within two years. In terms of product development, the platform will be enhanced so that it can offer more entertainment and services to patients by creating strategic partnerships with major players in the sector.