Real-world Analytics

Our idea is to offer a tool comparable to Google Analytics, but for physical stores. We install sensors in them that collect anonymous Wi-Fi data sent by customers’ smartphones. These data let us know where people go inside the store, how long they stay or if they come back.

Sébastien Béal, Founder and CEO of Locarise

Locarise's innovative approach

Locarise has developed a flow analysis solution designed for stores, shopping centers, or even train stations. Sensors detect the Wi-Fi signal from the cellphones of passers-by and can thus track consumer behavior. Backed by a Big Data solution, the Locarise offer analyzes the frequency of visits, the wait time at the till, or routes taken. The start-up’s customers can then refine their business strategy, change how windows are dressed, or optimize their opening hours.


Support from Orange Fab Asia


Winner of the Asia-Pacific DigiWorld Awards


Winner of the French Business Awards in Tokyo

Locarise's challenge

Launched in Japan in 2013, the Locarise start-up presented an innovative, reliable solution. To achieve the full potential of its solution, it still had to construct a solid business strategy and to pinpoint the most promising markets, including those outside Japan.

We immediately saw Locarise’s potential. In actual fact, we were even more receptive to this start-up’s proposal because it meets one of our customers’ needs that we are working on, specifically flow analysis, even inside buildings.

Hiroshi Nishikawa, Orange Fab Asia program manager


In spring 2014, Locarise joined the first season of the Orange Fab Asia program: the Orange Start-up Accelerator for Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. Over the three-month support period, the start-up was able to deepen its knowledge of international markets and local challenges, alongside Orange experts.

Outlook: conquest of Asia and European dream

Locarise now intends to strengthen its presence in Japan, and to support other Asian customers, specifically in Singapore, Hong Kong and China. What’s more, the start-up plans to open offices in France in order to create new local partnerships and enhance its visibility in Europe.

It aspires to become a key element in tomorrow’s marketing toolkit.

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