A Player with secure content that supports interactive Virtual Reality content.

As a medium, VR is the result of a technological evolution that can become a revolution. To achieve this revolution, VR use must be democratized and, to do that, tools are required to create interactions and monetization.
Idviu develops these tools.

Guendouz Rabah, CEO

IDVIU-VR's innovative approach

IDVIU-VR has created a dedicated VR framework that allows:

  • creation of interactive VR video 360 or 3D content
  • the content to be made secure and read on a dedicated mobile video player
  • analysis of user behavior

Our E-VR product is based on these three elements, which allow it to easily realize any type of VR interface and track usage.


E-VR Players


simultaneous live 4K sessions


interactive 360 live session in the world

IDVIU-VR's challenge

The essential element of our Framework is our secure 360 video Player. The Orange teams have challenged us to allow realization of the OCS-VR experience called OCS VR, which allows OCS viewers to experience their 2D content in a scalable and immersive environment. At the same time, we created the Orange application VeRy, which allows consultation of 360 VOD and LIVE content. These two challenges are now Orange products.

Virtual Reality can only work if quality content is provided, and that content must be made secure. IDVIU VR interests us due to its expertise in making 2D, and now 3D, players secure.

Morgan Bouchet, Director of Innovation & Virtual Reality – Orange Content Division


Deliveries by OCS, Orange and IDVIU


Present the next start-up development stages or its goals in the coming years. 

Our initial goal is to become a key VR player in the media and content provision area by making it easy to enter the VR world and, above all, to acquire profound knowledge of our end users. Our goal is to monetize their vision.