Access to a doctor anywhere, anytime

I have been interested in the issues of health-related isolation, whether due to social or geographical factors, for a number of years. I have seen first-hand the difficulties of access to care in connection with my medical practice, both in France, where I have worked as a doctor in rural areas, as well as in other countries.

Franck Baudino, Chairman and Founder of H4D

"My project set out to use information and communication technologies, which were still emerging in the early 2000s, to enable information, rather than patients or doctors, to travel, opening up simple access to local health services for as many people as possible.

This desire to offer everyone, wherever they may be, access to health has always been combined with respect for the medical and care teams and the desire to ensure a similar medical experience to actual consultations with doctors in person: accuracy of the healthcare data collected, enabling doctors to take responsibility with total confidence, confidential links between doctors and their patients, and health locations set up that can be identified as such by patients.

To make this project a reality, I set up the company H4D in 2008. After years of designing our telemedicine station, H4D is now positioned as a healthcare operator that is systematically integrated with health programs, while benefiting from ongoing work with local stakeholders."

H4D's innovative approach

H4D offers remote access to a general or specialist doctor, provided by the Consult Station, a connected medical practice with a range of professional measurement instruments, a screen and a communications system. This service offers an alternative to seeing doctors in their offices when this is difficult (areas with low levels of medical care available, fragile populations, employees with little time to go and see a doctor, etc.).

The Consult Station® also makes it possible to carry out health checks independently, with secure data that can be shared with the medical teams or doctors concerned to carry out preventative actions and follow-up.


2030 Global Innovation Competition winner


of the reasons for consulting general doctors covered by the Consult Station


only relevant alternative to conventional practice-based consultations

H4D's challenge: guaranteeing the security, flexibility and quality of hosting for personal healthcare data collected with Consult Station

To roll out a range of end-to-end services around its technological solutions, H4D needed to be able to count on a platform, approved by the relevant authorities, for hosting personal healthcare data with all the guarantees required in terms of security, flexibility and outstanding quality of service.

Orange was a natural choice for H4D. In fact, not only was Orange's platform perfectly aligned with our expectations, but, in addition to their hosting solution, Orange represented a key partner for H4D, able to further strengthen our reputation and our commercial presence on regional projects in France (regional municipalities, healthcare facilities, care home groups).

Orange Healthcare has known Doctor Franck Baudino, H4D’s founder, since early 2011. We have followed this startup's development with admiration, from the conception of its project for an “independent medical unit” to the development of an outstanding telemedicine station with its “Consult Station®” . H4D has been the driving force behind a French offering that is virtually the only one of its kind in the e-health sector. While this medical technological innovation is European, its scope is well and truly international. This station and its software solutions are able to integrate with the leading platforms for exchanging and sharing healthcare information. H4D is also service-focused. This startup supports its customers with its medical teams, while its consultants help ensure stronger buy-in among healthcare professionals and patients for the medical systems deployed…From the start of our relationship, H4D informed us that it needed to choose a solution for hosting healthcare data in an accredited environment. In this way, Orange has been able to support them and wants to continue serving their ambitious projects in the e-health world.

Alexandre Faesch, Open Innovation, Orange Healthcare


The partnership with H4D is based around highly complementary features within the e-health value chain: H4D offers a remarkable, breakthrough telemedicine solution, while Orange Healthcare, as its partner and supplier, ensures a high-quality, trusted infrastructure for its entire medical system.

Outlook: providing a sustainable response to health-related isolation, with the possibility for wide scale deployment 

Our ambition is to standardize a new medical practice around the Consult Station in order to make it possible to tackle health-related isolation.

  • This ambition primarily involves the deployment of projects in France (health networks in areas affected by medical isolation liaising with regional authorities, employee health in businesses) with a service operated by H4D.
  • We are also planning to develop internationally, in Europe and on the American continent, in partnership with local healthcare operators (hospital groups, telemedicine operators, insurance companies).