Eqwall, an interactive event solution. Services available on smartphone: chat, votes, micro, games, tweet, applause meter, timer.

With Eqwall, you can conduct an onscreen chat during a conference, take surveys in real time, or get participant reactions via a live tweet.

Anne Calvez, Founder and CEO of Eqwall

Eqwall's innovative approach

Eqwall offers a set of interactive services that event organizers can choose à la carte according to what they want to achieve in terms of activity: micro, tweets, votes, games and chat. Participants can use all the functions from their smartphones via a URL or an app. Eqwall also offers pre-event services such as management of online address books, profiling, invitations, and statistical overviews.

Participant interactions are the key to Eqwall’s services.

Eqwall is a young innovative company supported by French Tech and BPI France. It has received a number of awards from digital professionals, entrepreneurs, and prominent businesspeople.

Eqwall's challenge

Developing its market in France and abroad

The Eqwall team is solid and dynamic, their concept has already been tried and tested, and their services are promising and innovative. Anne Calvez is making her mark in the west of France and is a benchmark for digital entrepreneurship.

Laurence Fossé, Director of Innovative Projects West


Eqwall is a start-up of the Images and Networks division.


Eqwall is tackling a market that is largely untapped. According to Anne Calvez, “There are approximately 30,000 conferences for the general public in France each year, and only 5% of them use interactive solutions. The worldwide conference market is worth EUR 7 billion.”