An application that allows video sharing on the go

Dazzl is the first collaborative information platform to completely reinvent the relationship between content creators and the media, and to do so in response to the need for flexibility, reactivity, and quality linked to today’s new modes of news consumption. In short, Dazzl combines the best of the web, of mobility and of collaborative information in getting the news out.

Thierry Scozzesi, CEO and founder of Dazzl

Dazzl's innovative approach

The Dazzl mobile application allows one to edit and publish videos in real time. These videos can be filmed directly from your mobile phone or collected from the Internet. By means of an interactive mosaic, it then becomes possible to interpret current events from different angles in real time. This new idea therefore promotes the idea that everyone can help gather and share information. With Dazzl, information is presented collectively.

Dazzl’s challenge: gain visibility

Dazzl is a product of the Group’s start-up spinoff strategy, and has developed a solution that is a continuation of the ZeWall application. This collaborative project was initially labeled by the Images & Networks division and now involves Orange and six partners. After the solution was taken in a new direction, the start-up had to conquer the market.

First stage: Make the solution known and get people to try it!
The Dazzl project is a continuation of the Zewall project labeled by the Images & Networks division.

With its project, the Dazzl team has shown the importance of the Orange Group’s start-up spinoff strategy. On the basis of a technology developed at Orange Labs, they were able to develop a solution and make our customers’ daily lives easier.

Vincent Marcatté, VP Open Innovation at Orange Labs Research

A partnership with Orange from the start

Orange has supported the Dazzl project since it was launched. The start-up now seeks visibility and is increasing awareness of its project by taking part in major events supported by Orange. For example, Dazzl will participate in the 2016 international maritime festivities in Brest, which will be a large-scale test for this solution from Brittany. 

Outlook: conquering new users

After a promising launch, Dazzl now wants the number of those who use its solution to soar. It plans to have 50,000 users in 2017 by targeting the journalist community of freelancers and citizen reports.

The start-up will be develop market share in the area of video reporting, where content is shared, exploited, and monetized.

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