MEDIATIVE, the future of TV, now.

Cominweb is an IT firm that is specialized in new technologies and developing web applications and sites. In 2004, Cominweb, sponsored by Adobe US, created its first web TV for the Cannes Film Festival. From this moment, taking on board the internet's audiovisual and interactivity possibilities, Cominweb has followed the web's major changes in its research and development. Its first steps as a web agency enabled Cominweb to build up extensive experience and a network of dedicated IT development experts. Cominweb anticipated the natural development that the web would become central to the future of audiovisual.

Guillaume De Scorbiac, Founder

«From 2004, Cominweb also anticipated and identified the ".TV" domain name extension, which is used by all companies today with links to the audiovisual sector. Cominweb owns a portfolio of over 300 generic and themed domain names:,,,,,,,,, well as a strategy for registering generic domain names in pinyin (Chinese) and English. Our aim is to ensure sustainability and monetize the audiovisual content of TV channels after they have been broadcast on our dedicated portals.
Cominweb has worked on the R&D for our innovative, comprehensive platform MEDIATIVE, which is positioned as THE solution for creating WebTV thanks to its user-friendly design and integrated tools. We create and develop projects for themed TV channels and portals. Whoever we are dealing with, thanks to MEDIATIVE, we can meet their media communications needs.»

MEDIATIVE is an online platform for creating multi-device WebTVs, with a connected-TV focus and groundbreaking, innovative plug-ins

Cominweb's innovative approach

MEDIATIVE is an online platform with an embedded back office, making it simple to create multi-device, multi-language WebTVs, with a connected TV focus (compatible with Chromecast and Roku). It is fully customizable and its many different plug-ins enable it to be used for virtually any sector, from municipalities to tourist information offices, businesses and festivals, etc. Whatever our customers' audiovisual communication needs and technical skills, MEDIATIVE offers a solution, positioning it as a groundbreaking, innovative, scalable and sustainable tool. Our platform also enables us to develop our own themed TV projects.


Number of hours of replays on just one of our platforms

4 years

of R&D to achieve MEDIATIVE V6 in html5


.tv domain names

Cominweb's challenge: accelerating our ideas

Our solution can meet a wide range of communications requirements that we have identified across all business sectors. The main challenge is to find reliable partners with a view to accelerating and developing our ideas, further strengthening our R&D teams and rolling out our commercial strategy.


Cominweb plans to create themed portals and specific WebTVs in line with current market requirements. Our development and prospects are focused on several key areas:

  • Technical development: accelerating and further strengthening the improvements and technologies associated with our platform (box compatibility, online payment, plug-ins, etc.) As well as our innovative tools: MediaWatch, which enables transversal searches on YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Soundcloud, etc. to monitor specific content on these global platforms and simply editorialize content across the various themes.
    RTCPC (Real-Time Cross-Platform Communication) to control Mediative remotely with a webapp on your smartphone.
  • Commercial development: offering MEDIATIVE as a "core" customizable platform, as well as supporting our prospects to become their technical partner on their projects. Examples: sports clubs - football, rugby, etc. - municipalities, businesses, foundations, TV, media groups, etc. that want to communicate through images with their own identity, while ensuring compatibility with social media.
  • Projects: becoming the first themed webtv portal that will consolidate all Rich Media content from the various business sectors. Developing our specific webtv projects and becoming the key technical and strategic partner for Rich Media communications across all business sectors that want their solutions in their own colors on the global internet landscape.

Other success stories in the industry

  • Management of the web section of the channel for managing their online infrastructure: sites, direct live and auto replay.
  • Webtvs for tourist information offices that can simply edit content from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo and Soundcloud linked to their region, as well as content management with adaptive streaming and direct live. Tourist information offices for Saint-Germain-en-Laye, Boulogne Billancourt, Plaine Commune Grand Paris, etc.
  • Launch of the portal, consolidating all Manga-related content.