An app for instantly collating photos of friends and family

Coming back from a bachelor party in 2012, the 17 participants had never taken a group shot of everybody. And they had the same problem after the wedding... so we created Comet, a mobile app that you can use to effortlessly stitch together all the photos of the participants at an event via an intuitive interface optimized for smartphones.

Mathieu Spiry, CEO and co-founder of Comet

The Comet innovation

Comet is a free mobile app available since December 2015 on iOS and Android. Thanks to its intuitive photo sharing functionality, you can easily stitch together photos taken by different people at an event. All photos are synchronized in an album hosted in the Cloud and accessible by an unlimited number of invitees.
Comet monetizes its services in 2 ways:

  • by offering additional pay-for functionalities to users who want them (available soon),
  • by offering photo sharing and animation specifically for event professionals: Comet+ (Example: the French Open event used Comet+ at the 2016 tournament)


raised in January 2016


app launched

2 years

of development

The Comet challenge: to muscle in...

After a promising start, the young start-up had to develop its offering and monetize it. This involved tackling the Facebook challenge in the form of Moments launched in 2015.
To help move up a level, the start-up started looking for partners who could offer it a Cloud solution supporting a large number of users.

In the 3 month ramping up phase forOrange Fab France, Comet has been transformed: it has totally rebranded itself, raised funds, tapped the Asian market, signed a very important partnership with Orange Cloud and is currently negotiating with other business units to pursue its development. These first successful steps could draw Comet more fully into Orange's range of offerings.

Pascal Latouche, Director Orange Fab France

The partnership

In season 4 of Orange Fab France, in late 2015, Comet benefitted from the expertise of the accelerator to enhance the first version of its mobile app. The result is a faster, more user-friendly and more streamlined app.

At the same time, Orange signed an important partnership with Orange, which will give it privileged access to Group customers, initially in France and then internationally. The goal is to offer customers a simple, fun and secure app for sharing special moments instantly, regardless of screen.

In early 2016, the start-up also finalized its first capital call which raised €150,000, from business angels and Orange.

Prospects: taking the lead

The fundraising marks the launch of a new growth phase for Comet: the app will offer enhancements and a B2B service that can generate revenue. A 1st step toward the four founding partners’ original goal to make Comet the number 1 photo stitching service on mobiles by 2018.

What's more, the start-up is looking to launch internationally with the help of new strategic partnerships. It has begun forging links with entities in South Korea and Japan.

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