With Carbip you can make better use of your car each day by sharing it with your friends and family and splitting running costs and insurance.

We started from a simple fact: our cars spend a large part of each day parked up and unused when they could be put to use by those around us. When we are using them to get around, we are often the only ones on board while many of our work colleagues are making almost exactly the same journey. Ultimately, it turns out that we don’t really know how we use our cars on a day-to-day basis. We developed Carbip to provide a simple, automatic and free solution for people who want to make better use of their cars and share them with their family, friends and colleagues to reduce their costs, particularly insurance costs.

Laurent Benveniste, Chairman of Carbip

Carbip's innovative approach

Carbip is a smart calendar: it teaches itself about the ways in which your car is used and makes recommendations on how you can make the best use of it.


the percentage of time cars are used


the average number of passengers per journey


the average annual cost of running a car

Carbip's challenge

Established in May 2015, Carbip is a smartphone app that encourages people to use and share their vehicles. Whether carpooling between home and work, car sharing, etc. Carbip analyzes data about the vehicle’s movements and uploads relevant information in the form of a schedule that can be made available to friends and family. Carbip then recommends ways of reducing costs, including insurance. Carbip is aimed at working people who live in urban and suburban areas. It’s about reinventing and facilitating drivers’ everyday lives.

Connected objects represent a major transformation in the daily lives of our customers. The development of new services in partnership with service providers is an integral part of the Essentials2020 strategy.

Stéphane Rivoallan, Digital Spin-off Coordinator


Carbip was created as a result of 2 experienced engineers from Orange branching out on their own. The Group’s spin-off arrangements offer help with putting their project together to employees who wish to set up a business.


Carbip can be downloaded free of charge from GooglePlay and will soon be available from AppStore. The next step for Carbip is to expand its user communities in France’s major cities. One goal: to improve the daily lives of millions of drivers.