CallVU serves as a bridge between simple phone calls to customer-care and the enterprise’s existing digital channels, enabling.
When calling customer care, CallVU automatically opens a digital layer on the phone’s screen, simultaneously to the voice channel, to make the call more comfortable and efficient.

People hate calling customer care. Mainly because the experience hasn’t changed in the past few decades. Yet, 70% continue to call. CallVU was created to change the way humans and enterprises communicate over the phone by combining rich digital and interactive media with the voice channel to deliver a highly visual, engaging and collaborative customer experience for smartphone users.

Ziv Orr, Co-Founder

CallVU's innovative approach

CallVU develops an innovative visual interaction platform that enables service providers to deliver a wide range of digital rich-media services via the existing telephony system. With CallVU, service providers can deliver digital media such as web pages, images, cobrowsed and co-filled e-forms and signatures, content and even video throughout the entire telephony session. CallVU “modernizes” the IVR interface and agent-collaboration by delivering a highly engaging and collaborative user experience for smartphone users.


CallVU Telephony sales results vs. IVR (in selected use-cases)


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CallVU's challenge

Being a small company that focuses on developing innovative technology, CallVU relies on companies such Orange to take full advantage of CallVU’s technology and value-creation as well as take CallVU to market (Orange consumers and Orange enterprise customers)