Brickinup is a digital platform offering an innovative response to the overconsumption of digital content. It is based on cloud computing technology and uses an automated data indexing system.

BRICKIN'UP allows you to store all your digital content online or locally on all your connected devices.
Once this content is uploaded to the platform, BRICKIN'UP automatically detects the date, type and keywords of your files, offering you a fast and intuitive storage and retrieval system.

BRICKIN'UP is also a modern information-monitoring tool.

BRICKIN'UP is available on computer, tablet, smartphone, SmartTV and connected games consoles.

Today BrickIn'Up is represented by 3 passionate advocates of new technologies – technologies that are evolving in a context of big data:

  • Gildas Aïhonnou, Founder and CEO of BrickIn'Up: Expert in consumer marketing strategy, “high tech consumer” behavioral specialist.
  • Van Nhu Nguyen, Associate Technical Co-Director at BrickIn’Up: Doctor of Computer Engineering. Expert in automated data indexing technologies in a context of big data.
  • Daouda Sawadogo, Associate Technical Co-Director at BrickIn’Up: Expert in computer systems architecture and in data modeling in a context of big data.

BrickIn’Up's innovation

  • BrickIn'Up automatically manages all types of digital data for its users (photos, videos, music, office documents), both stored locally as well as data collected on the Internet. We use automated filters to offer a viewing and navigation system that is perfectly intuitive.
  • BrickIn'Up provides access anywhere and anytime to all organized data within the community (subject to permission). Remote access to its contacts’ automatically organized data optimizes viewing and retrieval in a community context!
  • We also offer a monitoring system for your areas of interest (pre-defined by the user) to alert you in real time to new available content!

BrickIn'Up’s challenge: To demonstrate the performance of a dynamic and innovative storage system versus the traditional hierarchical storage system.

The first challenge for BrickIn'Up was to identify potential partners that would be able to support this project and to ensure that key players on the market such as Orange understood how its innovations could benefit users.

The key benefits of our innovation are actually difficult to understand without seeing the platform demonstrated. Indeed, when it comes to storing data, we all think of traditional manual and hierarchical storage where the user has to create his own folders, subfolders and list of files.

But our innovation showcases a form of data storage that is dynamic and automated. This is a very difficult concept to grasp at the outset (on the basis of a simple discussion). Paradoxically, once you have the platform in front of you, everything is very clear and intuitive! 

We therefore focused on what our innovations offer in terms of user benefits in order to develop our line of communication to target B2B partners.

Once this step was taken, a number of partnerships were quickly set up, justified by the actual technological performance of our platform, always keeping the interests of the end user in mind.