Clickfunding for charity

Bassita is a magic startup. Magicians pull rabbits out of their hats, while we conjure up prescription glasses, bikes, works of art, running water connections, trips to the seaside for underprivileged children…All with mouse clicks!

Alban de Ménonville, Co-founder of Bassita

Bassita's innovative approach

Bassita - which means “simple” in Arabic - has invented clickfunding. Through its online platform, this Egyptian startup invites project owners to submit their social, cultural or environmental initiatives. These will be supported by a business in exchange for views, likes and shares on social media. If targets are reached, initiatives are funded by the sponsors. For web users, by viewing video content online and sharing it on social media, they become an agent for change: they get involved with an initiative to help ensure it is funded.


beneficiaries already helped by the startup

100 %

of projects have exceeded their targets


Orange African Social Venture Prize in 2015

Bassita's challenge: establishing a framework for its development

After being launched a year and a half ago, Bassita has already made it possible to provide access to water for over 1,000 families, in addition to offering help for 1,000 Egyptian craftsmen and women and 500 migrants.

After achieving success from its first year, Bassita needed to find a trusted partner that would be able to help it quickly patent its solution, refine its user experience and support its development.

Bassita's business model is closely aligned with the aspirations of many Egyptian people who are looking for change. In an environment in which social media has taken on a specific position, it provides a concrete example of the social impact that digital tools can have, while creating an economically viable business.

Pierre Louette, Deputy CEO of Orange


The first Orange African Social Venture Prize provided Bassita with 25,000 euros of financial support, funding its patent registration process and six months of support from Orange experts.

This enabled the young startup to move into a new phase with its development from early 2016: securing exchanges, improving its online user experience, and preparing campaigns on a wider scale.

Outlook: projects wherever the internet is available

Already the market leader for clickfunding, Bassita is now looking to deploy larger-scale projects and expand beyond Egypt's borders.

In Europe, it aims to tackle environmental issues, while in Africa, it will focus on health or transport-related issues. In each case, the same model will be replicated, encouraging the emergence of positive actions.

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