A platform to analyze large volumes of data whose powerful architecture can analyze Big Data in real time and help large companies make decisions.

After a number of years serving large banks and operators in the United States and Europe as a Big Data consultant, the emergence and analysis of such data has spurred Barac's development. Today, the challenge is to analyze this data in real time in order to revolutionize the way large businesses make decisions.

The start-up’s innovation

March 2016

platform launched


clients, in the fields of finance and telecommunications


partners in Europe, the United States, Asia, Africa and Middle East

Barac's challenge

The challenge for a young business that plans to revolutionize a sector is to gain the confidence of large businesses, both in the new technology and in the start-up itself. In addition to this acquired confidence, it must also meet a number of other challenges: make a name for itself, market itself, and raise funds in order to create a solid business.