In the case of an accident, AWAKEN Car notifies SAMU [the French emergency medical service] in real time, performs diagnostics to motor to determine whether your vehicle is in good condition, and locates the vehicle in case of theft.

Now that we have the seatbelt and the airbag, we want to take things further. AWAKEN Car was created to embody the 3rd major era of changes in the area of highway safety.

Scalia Jérôme, Cofounder & CEO

AWAKEN's innovative approach

AWAKEN Car is a box that attaches to the diagnostic port of your car or utility vehicle. It detects accidents and notifies SAMU immediately and automatically. Its goal is to reduce the time required for SAMU to arrive at the scene of the accident by 50% and so, to save lives.

This vehicle auto-diagnostic device alerts the user as soon as a problem arises. It provides a description of the problem and can take steps to limit the risk of accident due to a breakdown en route.

Finally, AWAKEN Car detects vehicle movements and alerts users when their vehicle is stolen, which allows them to find their vehicle more quickly.

AWAKEN's challenge

We discovered Awaken when we sat on the Panel of the Bizz&Buzz Digital Festival in Alsace and awarded it the start-up trophy. The connected box created by Awaken is useful, practical, and can save lives. It merits our full support.

Anne Coreau, Director of Innovative Projects


Establish partnerships with insurance companies and garage owners.

AWAKEN Car is able to recover data that insurance companies would like to use anonymously. A win-win partnership for all involved is currently in the works: Users will pay lower insurance premiums if they agree to share their data anonymously with their insurers. Insurance companies can use this data and AWAKEN can receive additional revenues and insurance company support for distribution of the boxes.

A similar system that regards diagnostic data is now under discussion with garage owners, who in return for access to data would pay for the box subscription.