BIG Jordan's six new essentials!

The Orange Fab network was launched in March 2013 in Silicon Valley. It supports startups with innovative projects and existing products or services.


For the teams selected, being part of the program for three months offers opportunities for them to significantly accelerate their business and access the potential markets represented by Orange and its partners. And why not become future world champions? Today, the Orange Fab network has 13 structures across four continents.
Discover the six startups selected for the third edition of Orange Jordan's acceleration program: Business Innovation Growth (BIG).



360Moms is an online platform for distributing, sharing and updating parenting knowledge for mothers across the Arab world, with a modern, fresh, simple and interactive approach.



Hivenamix is software that makes it possible to model effective strategies, facilitate decision-making processes and even share knowledge for an organisation's stakeholders. All based on modular collaborative workshops with customisable libraries of frameworks and methods.



Arabot is a smart chatbot. While its native language may be Arabic, it is also available in English. Arabot has the capacity to develop its own skills. It is part of a more global platform that includes natural language processing in Arabic, conversation management, automatic learning and predictive analysis.



The 3oun app is a new service platform that makes it easier to contact providers of public services. 3oun is designed to provide help in urgent situations, such as finding a solution (with your insurer) following a car accident or even quickly locating a removals firm.



SitatByoot is a platform designed to enable housewives in the Middle East to gain more economic independence. This platform helps women who manage businesses from home. With SitatByoot, its members can develop their handicraft skills.
It also enables single women to develop their employability on the job market.


Skylark-Jordan - CO-DE

Skylark-Jordan offers a wide range of educational services. CO-DE is one of the programs put in place by this startup. It is focused on programming (based on school curriculums) and one of its objectives is to teach school children (aged 8 to 14) to better understand technology and view it as a tool for achieving excellence in all areas of life.

last update: 20 January 2017